INUNDATIONn. A flood. The greatest inundation of which we have any account was the Noachian deluge described by Moses, Berosus and an Assyrian chronicler translated by the late Mr. George Smith. Inundations are caused variously, but this one was due to a long spell of wet weather — forty days and forty nights, Moses says. So much water fell in that period that it covered every mountain on the earth, some of which — the highest being near where Noah lived — have an elevation above the sea-level of 30,000 feet. Our heaviest rains are at the rate of about six inches in twenty-four hours — a fall of two feet would strangle one who should attempt to walk abroad in it. But Noah’s rain fell at the rate of 750 feet per twenty-four hours, or 31½ feet per hour. It was quite a rain.