COUNTRYn. The circumurban region inhabited by the quail, the trout, the deer and the armed granger. It is a region of romance, where the golden age still lingers, as in the earth’s green prime, when Virgil sang and the gods mingled with men and maidens.

‘Tis a land of corn and swine,
Flowing, too, with bilk and honey.
City folk go there to dine
In the land of corn and swine.
‘Neath his big-tree and his pine
Frugal swain rakes in the money.
‘Tis a land of corn and swine,
‘Tis the place to drop your money.

There the crookèd shepherd plays
On his pandemonian pipes;
By a table crowned with baise
Ev’ry crookèd shepherd plays.
For the city gent he lays
With a poker-deck and swipes.
There the crookèd shepherd lays
For the city gent his pipes.