FUNNYadj. Having the quality of exciting merriment, as a Bulletin editorial by Dr. Bartlett when he is at his sickest.

He lay on his deathbed and wrote like mad,
For his will was good though his cough was bad.
And his humor ran without ever a hitch,
Urged by the rowels of Editor Fitch,
Who took the sheets as they fell from his hand,
Perused and endeavored to understand.
The work was complete. “‘Tis a merry jest,”
The writer remarked; “I think it is my best.
How strange that a man at the point of death
Should have so much wit with so little breath!”
Then thoughtfully answered him Editor Fitch,
As he scratched his head, though it didn’t itch:
“The point of death I can certainly see,
But that of the joke is concealed from